KimFaber (DaisySky) 5 Private Videos

Apart from the other previous videos that we had already published of the model KimFaber (AKA DaisySky), we’ve bring together into a single post another 5 new different private sessions of her! If you wish, you can buy each of them individually by indicating the video number in our purchase form. With this new post we end the video collection of KimFaber started here.

KimFaber/DaisySky: Video 10
KimFaber starts this video posing in doggy style; this beauty Romanian girl stands up and dances for us just wearing sexy underwear on. In the final part of the video you can enjoy watching her masturbating her hot pussy!

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KimFaber/DaisySky: Video 11
Incredibly beautiful! KimFaber (AKA DaisySky) invites us to a private session with her zooming in on her face and blowing us a sweet kiss… So, who can deny her wishes after she does that? In this private session KimFaber gets fully nude, open her legs and uses her fingers to play deep her tight vagina. She enjoy the masturbation playing hard!

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KimFaber/DaisySky: Video 12
KimFaber (DaisySky) starts the video standing up and dancing for us wearing little clothes, after KimFaber ends to dance she looks at us and smiles at us… It’s as if she wanted to tell us “I’m horny and I want more”. In this excellent video we can enjoy seeing a naked KimFaber fingering deep and hard her wet pussy; she lefts up her legs completely so we can see her anus while she’s playing.

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KimFaber/DaisySky: Video 13
A very exclusive video of KimFaber (AKA DaisySky) fisting her pussy! Yes, it’s not a hallucination, it’s not a joke either… She puts her whole hand in to fuck her pussy! A nude KimFaber lifts up her legs and starts fingering deep as normal, using 1 finger, 2, then 3… Finally she surprises fucking her cunt with her whole hand! OMG…

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KimFaber/DaisySky: Video 14
KimFaber (AKA DaisySky) chats with us being in topless, her tits with big nipples are awesome and sometimes it’s hard to focus on the conversation. This time, she lies nude on the bed and uses two fingers to play deep her vagina! You can hear her hot moans in all moment.

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