KimFaber (DaisySky) 9 Private Videos

Apart from the other previous videos that we had already published of the model KimFaber (AKA DaisySky), we’ve bring together into a single post another 9 new different private sessions of her! If you wish, you can buy each of them individually by indicating the video number in our purchase form. The video compilation of KimFaber continues here.

KimFaber/DaisySky: Video 1
KimFaber starts this video by dancing for us wearing very tight and provocative clothes… She loves to shake her ass and pose in doggy style. Then she chats (being naked) with us. In the final part of the video you can enjoy watching her masturbating her hot pussy!

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KimFaber/DaisySky: Video 2
KimFaber shakes her big ass wearing short jean, then she delights us by twerking her ass in doggy style (being her feet visible and bare all the moment)! KimFaber strips all nude and masturbates her hot clit, then she starts fingering deep and hard her tight pussy! This pretty girl enjoys playing hard her cunt!

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KimFaber/DaisySky: Video 3
KimFaber starts this private session by chatting with us, while in turn, she teases us by doing it with her bare feet; his toes are precious. During the private show, we asked her to undress herself and to show us in great detail her tight asshole in doggy style… She gladly agreed to do it!

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KimFaber/DaisySky: Video 4
Great private session with KimFaber! She gets completely naked and caresses her tits while she reads what we’re typing to her. KimFaber gets horny, she lies naked on the bed and lifts up her legs while masturbating her wet pussy hard! She plunges her fingers deep inside her pussy and enjoys pleasure!

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KimFaber/DaisySky: Video 5
Enjoy watching the beautiful model KimFaber dancing in a very hot way! She shakes her ass hard and poses in doggy style for us, then she twerks! She takes off her bra and exposes her perfect tits with puffy nipples. In the final part of the video she plays a game with us: she told us “I spread my legs exposing my pussy while I talk to you, and you promise me that you will answer all my questions without masturbating your dick”… Of course, we lost the fucking game.

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KimFaber/DaisySky: Video 6
An excellent private video of KimFaber, one of the best we have published of her. In this new private session she strips completely naked and zooms in on her shaved pussy, then she fingers deep inside her pussy and starts masturbating hard… She doesn’t stop touching herself until she cums! A good orgasm! During the video she spreads her pussy lips wide and lets us see the pink hole of her delicious vagina. Fucking hot.

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KimFaber/DaisySky: Video 7
KimFaber had broken a nail (in the video you can see that she has a band aid on one of her fingers) but that didn’t stop her from caressing her hot clit in this private video! During the video a clear close up view in her shaved pussy is showed, she releases her clit and spreads wide her cunt lips… What a delicious pink vagina hole! KimFaber delights us by exposing both her pussy hole and her asshole in the same shot. She asked us: “Which of them would you fuck first?”

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KimFaber/DaisySky: Video 8
KimFaber is wearing a sexy short dress for us, she looks so pretty in it. She gets out of bed and gives us a sensual dance. Then she appears naked and drives us crazy by posing completely naked in doggy style… Her anus looks very tempting there xD. KimFaber lies on the bed, caresses her tits and then spreads her pussy lips wide! She ends the private video masturbating her delicious pussy.

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KimFaber/DaisySky: Video 9
KimFaber looks fabulous wearing those black stockings, you must see her! Later, during this video, she gets up and dances for us shaking, once again, her beautiful -and perfect- ass. Then she does a weird thing, she grabs a USB cable and pretends to strangle herself with it (we didn’t ask her to do it, it was a private session we shared with other users). Then she writes a secret message on her mobile phone and shows it to us (we’re not going to reveal what’s in it here, you’ll have to watch the video to find out xD). Finally she ends the private session being nude and rubbing her hot tight pussy for us! Lovely girl.

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