Sabrina12 Nude hot bath Video

This is the second video we post in this category featuring the beautiful Kyrgyz girl named Sabrina12 (AKA Sabrina7). It is a video divided into three parts (or containing three main scenes): 1- In the first one, Sabrina12 is charmingly talking to us, and at a point in the conversation, we manage to persuade her to pull down her white panties. To our surprise, she agrees to do it, stands up, and lowers them, thus revealing her shaved pussy. Then she seems to realize that there was someone else in the room (besides us) and blushes because of it xD. Her face even appears to redden a bit. It’s a beautiful scene. Later, when we are truly alone Sabrina12 takes off her bra and lets us see her small tits with hard nipples. 2- In the second scene, Sabrina12 has her hair tied up in two ponytails, wearing, in turn, a very tight suit (in which, inevitably, her panties can be seen), sexy stockings and high heels, this Central Asian girl grabs a banana and eats it in a way that makes it look like she’s eating your hard cock! By the way, she eats every last bit of the banana, which, making the same parallel, would mean that she eats even the penis balls. 3- The last scene contains an exclusive private show in the bathroom. After a few minutes enjoying a hot bubble bath, Sabrina12 stands up in the bathtub (of course being completely naked, with only some traces of foam on her body) and begins to shower. This Kyrgyz girl washes her tits, her ass, her long legs and, finally, she pours a lot of hot water on her clitoris and the lips of her beautiful pussy. Once her body is completely clean, Sabrina12 says goodbye to us with a wide mischievous smile because she knows very well that we would have loved to be with her in that hot bathtub.

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