Delfuza Nude Lesbian Show with Asian_Mina

Asian_Mina used to do shared shows with her friends Roksolana, AsianJannat or Jasolina but, on the other hand, in the case of Delfuza it was not at all common to see her accompanied in her webcam room: she liked to be alone. For this reason we were very surprised to see her on that occasion with Asian_Mina and, of course, we decided not to miss the opportunity!
From the first moment of the private session we noticed that Delfuza seemed more “shy” (or more withdrawn) than Asian_Mina: Asian_Mina stood up, danced, squeezed her tits, moved her ass, she even began to get nude for us… But Delfuza remained sitting on the bed without doing much and we wanted to know what was wrong with her. Ella delfuza replied that she had not shaved her pussy and that for this reason she was very embarrassed to undress completely, “I don’t feel clean and nice in this way” (she said). Everything changed when we told her that we didn’t care; she actually changed her face (for the better) when we told her that hairy pussies turned us on.
So the two of them undressed completely (we can see frontal shots of naked Asian_Mina and different close-up shots of Delfuza’s boobs, ass and hairy pubis) and started hugging and touching: Delfuza grabs Asian_Mina’s boobs, kisses her nipples and then she lowers the hands to her hips. So we asked them to show us in detail (with zoom) their open vaginas; Surprisingly Delfuza was the first to do it, she lay naked on the bed, spread her legs and zoomed in on her hairy cunt, finally she spreads her pussy lips wide and exposes the pink -and small- hole of her vagina! After a while, it was Asian_Mina’s turn, who did practically the same thing (she was wearing her pussy more trimmed than Delfuza) and she masturbated a bit for us. Great show with these two Kyrgyz princesses!

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