Uki8 Anal Fucks Cunt with Toy

This is one of the most exclusive videos we have published in this Central Asian girls category… Really an unforgettable scene compilation of Uki8! At the beginning of the video we can see several scenes of this pretty Kyrgyz girl playing on the bed with her friends Ksusha777 and MikaShitani: in the first one we can see a topless Uki8 trying to force Ksusha777 about opening her legs to be able to fuck her; in the second scene together, Ksusha777 is lying down, Uki8 bites her ass (literally), then grabs it hard and spanks it a lot of times! Uki8 feels really horny and even sticks her finger between Ksusha777’s legs! Finally, Uki8 pretends to fuck her in different positions, in one of them she grabs her tits from behind while makes Ksusha777 rides her.
Besides, the video includes other incredible scenes… In one of them you can hear her sweet horny voice -through the microphone- saying in Spanish “quiero que te corras en mi boca” (I want you to cum in my mouth), then she grabs a giant dildo and starts licking/sucking it deeply, at the end her mouth is full with “sperm”; apart from this scene we have also included a few more where Uki8 makes excellent toy blowjobs (from different angles and positions). She also dares to do tittyfuck with the toy!
In the final part of the video there are numerous scenes of full nude; in them, first of all, Uki8 masturbates with her fingers, then she uses the same giant dildo (the one she used to suck before) to fuck her pussy -deeply too-! But that’s not all, this Kyrgyz girl gets into doggy style and, apart from continuing inserting the dildo in pussy, she sticks her fingers in her anus and fucks it at the same time! Fantastic double penetration action! Later, we can also enjoy watching Uki8 riding the toy in a frontal shot. A 5 star video.

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